Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three Kings Day

Well, I've been rather remiss. It is already no longer Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany. Today we were at J.'s birthday (same J. as we visited for Christmas Eve). We were there for over 4 hours - I didn't give M. guitar lessons, but I did play guitar, Kelly did sing, and I also did some dishes. I should do dishes at home more often.

Three Kings Day is an official holiday for my company, because it is based in Stuttgart, even though I am in Hessen, where it is not a holiday. I did a little bit of work today, but not much - I'm a bit behind and should really step it up.

I've been working on upgrading a program of mine to figure out the dominant frequency of sound input, and after that, convert it to a note plus whether it is high or low. I would really like to have some (immediate) feedback there without having to bother somebody else about it.

I've just finished reading the draft of "Fledgling" by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It had the easy style that I like, but I was disappointed that so much was left hanging at the end of the story. I'm sure that wasn't intended - the story grew too long in the telling - but it was disappointing none the less.

I need to get some sleep ASAP. Thursday we have an 8:00 am appointment with a repairman... :p

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