Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Generally a very happy day! :-)

Today we started Ruhi Class 1. K. and I are the co-tutors. Though not everyone showed, I'm very happy with our start. K. is sick, a cough, sore throat and running a slight fever, so I did most of the leading. Her being sick was also the excuse for two of the no-shows - getting sick is no joke when you're over 70.

Of course, today our latest president was inaugurated. Things are looking very bad economically, and I think we really need a smart and inspiring president to lead us out of it: half the battle is getting people motivated.

I finally ordered some new glasses - my old glasses are pretty damaged and keep falling off my nose. Decent glasses are expensive!

Oh, and K.'s power supply is on the fritz again - I need to resolder the connector, which is really difficult because the plastic bits melt before the solder does. I may end up ruining the connector. Why do they make such stupid connectors?!

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