Saturday, January 24, 2009

Injury and a Book

Well, I managed to injure, possibly break my little toe on my left foot during Jiu Jitsu on Thursday. I don't even know how or when exactly - just at the end of class I noticed my toe was hurting and progressively worse. It was probably my own fault: I was tired and was making all kinds of mistakes. The toe looks to be straight - I even pulled on the end a little to be sure it was straight, but the whole side of my foot is discolored. Yesterday it was purple and green, this afternoon when I got up (yes, I went to bed rather late) it looked almost normal, but now after moving around a bit the discoloration has increased again, so I'm taking it easy, with my foot up while I surf and do stuff online.

Part of that "moving around" today was visiting some friends of ours: A. and her daughters M. (5) and L. (3). M. wrote a book, which she proudly showed us, about Jesus Christ, and Peter Pan, and Ariel and Melody, and Pirates, complete with pictures. After showing it to us, she said we should take it to the bookstore, so we could sell it. :-)


Perpetual Beginner said...

How is your toe feeling now? With that level of bruising you may well have cracked your toe.

That's some book M wrote. Pictures mostly or text as well?

wh44 said...

My toe is still multi-colored and sensitive - probably will be for a while.

M.'s book has one sentence per picture. :-)