Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well, it's been a long while:

I turned 50 this past month. Best birthday party ever: I invited a lot of people, and we partied in the dojo. I asked people to bring food or make music in lieu of a present. There was lots of hand made music and some singing, lots of good food, lots of good conversations. I think almost everyone had a good time.

In Jiu Jitsu, this past Summer I was given the Sho Dan Ho, shortly after our previous Sho Dan Ho earned his first Dan. Normally they wait until you're a brown belt, but apparently both my Sensei and Shihan felt very strongly that I should have it right away. It probably has more to do with my dedication to helping with the kids and youth than my actual capability, though I am progressing acceptably. I am supposed to test for a blue-brown belt with the other belt tests in December. I think I have the basic techniques down that I'll need, but I need to work on speed, not to mention my kiai. I'm having trouble finding enough time to work with my partner on it.

I've started taking lessons in Chinese from a Chinese student who lives nearby. In exchange, I'm teaching him to play guitar.

We (DW, myself and several other Baha'i) have started a youth group based on Ruhi 5. Not to mention, that I just started Ruhi 5 (DW finally finished this past year and is taking it again). We met with the first 3 kids this past Tuesday, discussed what it was about, played a game, did some exercises. It was good - I think they'll come back and bring a few more people.

I've been working on guitar a fair amount - learning several new folk-picking pieces, learning sight-reading and practicing playing from sheet music, trying to get perfect pitch with this site: And I'm starting to practice Christmas songs so I can play them at any Christmas parties if the need should arise.

I've also been practicing programming in JavaScript/DOM and Perl. I'm working on writing several programs - probably spreading myself a little thin there.

Work has been starting to get heavier again, in starts and fits. I actually pulled an all-nighter last month.

I helped two different people move this year already, and I'll probably be helping more people move in December. Just like old times!