Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A change of pace

I spent Monday and Tuesday fixing bugs, and was feeling really good about being "back in the saddle", working on things I do well. However, late Tuesday I found out that we're stopping bug-fixing until we update our documentation. *sigh*. I understand, and actually agree with the decision and the reasons for it, but dang it feels like I was just getting up to speed on a race-track, when it's suddenly decided we need to do some boating. :p

On Tuesday evening our local "Round Table of the Religions" had a meeting at the local mosque. It went surprisingly well: there was a lot of anger, sadness and grief over the situation in Gaza, and some recriminations over who did or didn't do what in relation to a "silent march" that turned decidedly vocal and anti-Israel. Altogether, however, the people at the round table remained relatively respectful and we managed to work through to something of an understanding, and make some decisions on how to go forward.

It's not yet midnight (11:45), and I'm going to bed! I must be sick or something.

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