Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Well, my spate of sleeping all day and staying up all night continues unabated. I stayed up until the early morning hours practicing Sudoku, because (a) I'm failing at it in the timed facebook game "Mind Games" and (b) the "easy" puzzles at the website I went to,, are so hard, they take me half an hour each (they claim averages of 10 min. each - my honor is at stake! :p ).

Anyway I got up just in time to shower before going to visit A. & A. who invited us for this evening. A. is mother to two adorable little girls, M. and L., who we like to visit or be visited by - most recently while A. and A. picked up her mother, M., from the airport. These initials could get confusing. :p Whatever: Little M. showed me her new presents, including a small guitar that she proudly played without using her left hand... she did not want me to touch it, and, in particular, not to tune it. :p After a nice dinner, we settled down to a game of mah-jongg with big M., while A. put the kids to bed, and A. went out to take care of something.

So, after a nice visit, I'm back home and now here, in front of the computer, doing my surfing etc. I better stop before it starts getting too self-referential and breaking down the fourth wall. :p

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