Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Geese a Laying

Well, it's only 20 past midnight, and I'm going to bed. I've been working the past two days, though from home instead of my (in house) office. I suppose I should explain, that my house has a separate apartment - that separate apartment is my office. Instead of using that, I've been using my laptop with WiFi.

Not a lot really going on - I've been drinking coffee, one cup in the morning, and my Rosacea seems to be getting worse, so I should cut that out. I've been spending a lot of time at AllBeliefs trying to convince the atheists that science and religion are not contradictory. *sigh*.

B. came over for 19-Day Feast this evening. As usual she drank coffee, even though it was late at night. She brought along 2 cheesecakes. I don't really understand why, though - there was no one else at feast. Even my daughter didn't come - she went to bed early - she's still re-adjusting to daytime schedule.

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