Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I really have to post more - it won't help my writing much if I only write once every few weeks.

My DW has instigated a regular Friday evening event (with my and K.'s support), and I'm very happy with it! It is a prayer/sing-a-long/story-telling meeting. Our first event was last Friday, and it was great fun! :-)

Since last time:
- I went to Stuttgart Wednesday last week
- I've been to Jiu Jitsu regularly, though I missed once - I was overtired the day after Stuttgart.
- I've been mostly staying to a semi-normal schedule, getting up most mornings before 9:00.
- Last time at Jiu Jitsu, I seem to have irritated my previously hurt toe - it swelled up and turned red, but it seems to have recovered quickly and I will be going to Jiu Jitsu again today.
- I am restarting my Farsi lessons.

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