Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jiu Jitsu Training & Friends in Kassel

The Jiu Jitsu training went well. There were more about 50 people there, and about 20 black belts. There were nearly a dozen trainers. I felt seriously low-level with my mere white-yellow belt, although there were 4 white-belts there. I think I learned a good bit - though there really was too much for me to absorb half of it.
Afterward there was a grill party with meat and bread. No salad, not even potato salad, no fries, no veggies. About a pound of meat per person. Oh, and six cases of beer - although there was water and cola for those who didn't want alcohol for whatever reason.
Today I spent the day visiting friends who live near Kassel. DW and K. and I all went. We spent a lot of time playing guitar and singing, and all had a good time.

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