Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Belated Naw Ruz

It's been forever since I last posted. The fast is over - it went really well. I got up in time for breakfast everyday and we had prayers after breakfast every day. For our anniversary, on the 19th, we went out to dinner (a Mexican restaurant) and a movie ("Slumdog Millionaire"). On Naw Ruz evening (March 20) itself, DW invited over a friend for dinner (non-Baha'i). On the 21st we went to a Baha'i friend's Naw Ruz party. DW kind of flipped out in the morning, because she was really tired (I, unfortunately, woke her up in the early morning hours and she couldn't get back to sleep), and because *everyone* she invited canceled at the last minute. Fortunately, it was still fun with the few of us, and DW felt much better after. I played guitar while everyone sang songs from the "Musical Fireside" (I practiced a lot). Our daughter K. went to a parallel Naw Ruz party, with mostly young people, and also had fun. My toe is finally (mostly) recovered and I've been back to Jiu Jitsu three times now. Work has been hefty - I'm implementing SSL/TLS for our product.

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