Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Belated Anniversary and Naw Ruz

The bad news first: my Mom has breast cancer. She's already been operated, and will have to have chemo and radiation. My sister has been helping out there, despite that she has her hands full taking care of her father in law, who has cancer, too. It got caught at a relatively early stage. As I understand it, the survival rate for her type and stage is about 80%.

While we're talking cancer - a co-worker of mine died this past Friday of lung cancer. He's going to be given a "forest burial", probably middle of April. My company is planning on either participating, if his children wish it, or holding our own memorial, if they don't.

And at the beginning of the fast A.M., who I haven't seen in years, called: her Mom died - and I went to that funeral, about an hour away. It was just A.M., myself and I.D. - I.D. has now gotten married and has a two kids, one his wife's from a previous marriage, and one his own who is still a baby. A.M. is not doing well health-wise herself, but it was good to see I.D. is doing well.

All in all, I notice I'm getting older (48) - people I know are getting ill and dying with increasing frequency. As they say: getting older is better than the alternative.

The fast went well this year - not too much difficulty, despite Jiu Jitsu Mondays and Thursdays meaning that I only got a small sandwich somewhat belatedly after sunset. I've officially been working five hours a day, roughly accurate - sometimes more, sometimes less. It hasn't gotten to the point where it is conflicting, which is good.

We went to a restaurant for our anniversary, as has been our custom the last several years. This was our 27th. We went to a nice Indian restaurant for it. :-)

Naw Ruz on the 20th was rather laid back this year - we had planned to celebrate the evening of 20th at a friends house who was combining it with a small Birthday party, but that got canceled, so we spent it at home. Then on the 21st there was a nice celebration in a restaurant in a nearby city - there we met with A & A and their two daughters and had a really nice time. Mom A. is Hindu, Dad A. is Christian, but they're both very practical, so there is not much conflict - in fact they're thinking of sending their kids to Baha'i children's classes when they get started in their new city (they moved there a few months back). On the 23rd, we celebrated Naw Ruz yet again at a private gathering - for some reason I'm totally blanking on that celebration.

Tomorrow I'll be attempting to teach the Jiu Jitsu kids "alone" - Sensei will be there, but he wants me to lead the class while he watches from off the mat, so I get practiced in case of a real emergency. It is now school vacation, and probably half of the kids will be gone (we usually have over 20 these days) - ideal for practicing.

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Perpetual Beginner said...

I've noticed the whole "more people I know are dying or getting sick" thing. It seems like I spent most of my life never knowing anyone except our grandparents that had died. Now people seem to be dropping like flies. It's rather depressing.