Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jiu Jitsu Week

Well, as this week comes to a close, I've been in the dojo 5 times:

* Monday - the usual 3.5-4 hours, as co-trainer for children and youth, then participating in the adult session
* Wednesday - had a good 2 hour free training session with I., who brought along his iPhone with training videos on it and a digital video camera with tripod so we could see ourselves better. That was one of the best training sessions ever, even though I. is a yellow belt like myself.
* Thursday - same as Monday.
* Friday - Since I couldn't go to the evening free training session, I asked around who could do earlier. It turned out that I. could do morning but had to leave by 2:00, M. could come as early as 2:00, but would prefer 3:00, and K. couldn't come before 5:30. So, I. and I had a session from 12:00-2:00 (he forgot the camera, but it was still good), I rushed home had lunch rushed back and had a session with M. at 3:00, K. showed up early at 4:30, just before M. left, and K. and I practiced until around 6:30. Sensei H. showed up shortly after, and said I should keep the dojo key - he had got one of his lent-out keys back. :-)
* Saturday - was a required pre-test training session from 10:00-5:00. It was led by Shihan J. It was a bit more difficult than I'd been expecting - some old techniques are being exchanged for new techniques, and so, a lot of the things I've been training are obsolete. I also managed to get my right thumb stubbed, again, about an hour before things were over - I stubbed it about a month ago, jamming it into the mat during a wrestling session, and it had just about stopped being sensitive. Now I was in a semi-free sparring session with I., and he slammed his palm down on my thumb at just the wrong angle.

Friday evening I was at a tutor-meeting with my daughter instead of at home for our usual devotional - DW hosted alone. It was interesting seeing how the Baha'i study circles and other activities have been growing dramatically in the past few years, it looks like an exponential growth curve. :-)

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Perpetual Beginner said...

You really have stepped up the training! Good luck with your test tomorrow, though it sounds like you shouldn't need it.

One of the reasons I'm really leery of jiu-jitsu (and paranoid about preparations for breaking in karate), is the fear of jamming fingers. A sprained finger or wrist could bollux me bad if it happened at the wrong moment.